I Love you, Deer..

…Very Much!

This is the season, we all love to fill our freezers with deer (not dear).

It is time to make sure our firearms are safe to shoot, optics working properly, and sighted in with the ammo you plan to use.

Need to have your rifle inspected? We have a gunsmith onsite during the day from Wednesday – Sunday.

Need hunting ammo? We have ammunition available in the many hunting calibers.

Come on down and sight in our rifle range.

You can sight in a measured lane of 50 yards and 100 yards of zero wind. Know exactly where you and your rifle impacts your target. No alibis.

Our targets here are just .50 for a 2 sided sight in target. These targets have lines that make easy to sight in whether you are using iron sights, red dot, or a magnified scope.

For more information about the Rifle Range click here

Call us (316-686-7264) and reserve a time – BEST. This is the time, where rifle lanes goes quickly. We will take walk ins if there are openings.

Be Safe - Shoot Safe