Pistol Defense Fundamentals


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Cost: $40.00 (20.00 to the range, 20.00 to the instructor

Class Size: 3 minimum/ 8 maximum

Class Time: 3-3.5 hours

Pre-requisite: Must be 21 or older and be a law abiding citizen with no criminal record. It is preferred that student have a valid CCH license, completed a CCH class, or completed an NRA handgun safety course, but not required.

Class Materials: The student will need to bring a modern, self defense handgun of their choosing (nothing smaller than .380 caliber). Also, a minimum of five dummy rounds or snap caps will be necessary for handgun manipulation during class. Student are encouraged to bring a notebook for class notes.

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Class Overview:
Pistol Defense Fundamentals is being offered for people that have taken a CCH class, NRA safety class, or have purchased a self defense handgun and are wondering the question… What’s next?

The class is designed to answer that question. The vast majority of people that obtain a CCH or have an interest in carrying a handgun for personal defense were not taught “street smart concepts” in their class. Tactics exist within the mind and it is the goal of this class to start a foundation of knowledge that will help the student make sound judgments when carrying a handgun, concealed or otherwise. Some of the concepts taught:

  • What is reactionary gap, how can it get you hurt/killed, how can you manage it?
  • What are the common weapon systems factors, strengths and limitations?
  • Ready positions based upon situation
  •  “Flash front sight picture”, how to master it.
  • Rules of a handgun fight (yes, there are rules).
  • Common definitions about gun-fighting will be presented and discussed.

Also, this class will be working on immediate action drills. These drills are based in the common protocols for clearing malfunctions. The goal of emphasizing this particular set of drills is to have the student gain more competence and confidence with the handgun of their choosing. Essentially, the goal is to build “muscle memory” through repetition and give the student a set of drills that they can practice at home.  This class is an excellent prep class for the student that wishes to re-sharpen their existing skills or are wishing to begin their evolution in the martial aspects of pistol fighting.
Comfortable shoes and attire are necessary.
This is not a live fire class. Live ammunition is not needed for participation.

It is preferred that the student sign up and pre-pay at the range so that the instructor has an accurate roll count. This allows for proper set up in the classroom due to physical nature of the immediate action drills.
Any questions can be e-mailed to teachgunz@yahoo.com

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