Firearms Maintenance 101




Cost: $40.00 ($25.00 deposit reserves a spot)

Please feel free to drop by a little before 6:00 pm to join for class. No reservation required.

Duration: 3 hours

Class size: 3-10

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Class Overview:
Firearms Maintenance is designed to teach firearms enthusiasts the proper methods of cleaning and maintaining most modern firearm systems. The student will have the opportunity to practice different cleaning techniques and utilize various products on multiple systems to include such gun types as pump action and semi-auto shotguns, semi-auto and revolver handguns, and AR type rifles.

Cleaning product that commonly used as well as general and specific systems will be demonstrated and utilized during the class. The class will also have an optiona section that will cover the concept of barrel “break in” for any student that wishes to l earn more about this subject.

Students are welcome to bring some of their own firearms to the class (limit 3 per student) or they can practice on the guns that the range provides for instruction.

Any student who participates in the class will receiver a 10% discount on all in stock cleaning supplies the day of the class.