AR 101

Cost: $65.00

$25.00 deposit reserves your spot. Please bring the balance due and your receipt from PayPal to class.

Class Size: 5 student minimum/10 maximum

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AR-15 type rifles have become some of the most popular firearms available to the shooting public. Its ability to be customized makes the AR-15 the ideal rifle for recreation, hunting, home-defense, or competition.This fundamentals class is for those that are new to the AR-15 system. The operation of controls, basic maintenance and cleaning, plus some other “must-have” knowledge will be presented.

Concepts include:

      • Operation and controls inherent to the AR-15
      • Maintenance and cleaning
      • Recognition, diagnosis, and clearing of malfunctions
      • Sight adjustment and zeroing
      • Basic marksmanship (trigger control, stance, breathing, etc.)

The shooting portion of the course will be done on a 100 yd. indoor range.

Materials required:

  • Quality AR-15 rifle:
    • Piston or Gas Impingement
    • Chambered in 5.56mm/.223 (other calibers by instructor approval only)
    • Fitted with quality sights (iron preferred but red-dots or scopes are OK)
  • 50 rounds of ammunition (no steel core e.g. Wolf, Silver Bear, Tula, etc.)
  • 2 Magazines (minimum
  • 4 Dummy Rounds (minimum)
  • Comfortable attire