Retail Shop

Bullseye offers a complete line of firearms and accessories.

If you need it, we probably have it or we can get it for you in just a few days.

We carry an extensive inventory of ammunition including a complete line of factory ammo and a full stock of reloaded standard calibers that are great (and cheaper) for range use.

Our handgun and long gun inventory is diverse and always evolving as we are constantly watching market trends and pricing to deliver what our customers want at a great price. Our buyers are always looking for that “great deal” for our customers. If you haven’t been by for a while, you’ll see a steady change in our new and used offerings as we rotate our inventory.

We believe it’s important to maintain a great variety of items that a shooter needs – from gun bags and cases to holsters and cleaning and maintenance supplies.

You need it – we’ve got it. Add that inventory to a great staff that can advise you on the use of all of our products and you can see why we’re Wichita’s Shooting Headquarters.

Need to trick out that AR? We are always on the lookout for something new and cool we’re sure you’ll love.

From lights to knives to laser sights, we maintain a great supply of new accessories. And if we don’t have it in stock, we can usually have it here in 2 or 3 days.

Shooting sports are fun and we want to be sure we have everything that you need to enjoy your shooting experience and take care of your equipment.

Finally, as a Class III dealer, we’re your source for silencers, MGs, SMGs, AOW and other Class III items. We maintain an inventory of basic silencers and some guns that are already equipped with silencers. Our intent is to help speed up the process of acquisition of these items.

Check with us to see what we have in stock!