NRA Instructor Course

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Class Overview:
The NRA Home Safety and Pistol instructor Course is designed for individuals that wish to begin a path to teaching others about firearms. Candidates will learn policies and procedures, basic public speaking skills, methodology, use of training teams and training aids, building a budget, organizing a class, and finally preparing to teach. Candidates will be working in teams and helping each other with prepared activities.

Training Counselors will be evaluating performance based upon ability to handle firearms with confidence, following lesson plans, proper use of training aids, and utilizing NRA training philosophies. Candidates will be given an NRA trainers guide, Basic Students handbook, the appropriate lesson plans, outlines, and certificates. Minimum passing grade is 90 % or higher.

Students will have the opportunity to shoot various calibers and types of handguns. If desired, the student can bring their own handgun to shoot during the class.

NRA Instructors are expected to:

  • Conduct NRA basic courses in accordance with policy and procedure set by the NRA
  • Uphold the integrity of the national firearms safety and training standards set by the NRA
  • Promote firearm safety and the shooting sports
  • Report training data to the NRA

To sign up:
Please drop by or call us (316-686-7264) to sign up.

If you wish, you can reserve a spot with a $25.00 deposit.

Cost: $250.00

Class Size: Minimum class size (4 students) – Maximum (10 students).

Includes: targets, supplemental materials, ammunition, and instruction