Precision Long Range Class I

Cost: $350.00     (Free Membership Included)

$100.00 deposit reserves your spot. Please call to reserve.

Maximum of 10 shooters per class

Age: 18 and older

Next Class:

Class Overview:

If you have ever wanted to be able to make that 1000 yard shot everybody talks about, this is the class for you. Not only will we teach you how to make that shot, we teach you how to repeat it. This class is for any shooter wanting to learn how to shoot long range with an emphasis on Practical/Tactical (PRS Style) match shooting.

Day 1: Classroom – Saturday at Bullseye Shooting Range in classroom from 10AM-4PM

  • This class will teach the beginning long range shooter the fundamentals of how to set up your rifle and impact targets out to 1000 yards.
  • We will cover proper equipment selection including rifle, scopes, and required accessories.
  • Then you will learn how to use the equipment.
  • Bring your rifle and ammunition Day 1 if you are planning on using it for Day 2

Day 2: Range – Sunday at the outdoor range shooting 100 to 1000 yards – meeting time announced in class.

  • At the range shooting 100 to 1000 Yards!
  • We will also be doing a Mini-Match.

What you will need:

NOTHING! We will provide everything, including the rifles. Ammo will be provided to a certain amount (50 rounds).

Students are welcome to bring their rifles and ammo as long as they meet these requirements:

  • Good 100 yard zero
  • Scope must have external adjustable turrets
  • iStrelok Pro Ballistics Calculator

If you have any questions about your equipment and if it can be used or not please give us a call.


  • Nothing bigger than 300 WIN MAG
  • Bullet cannot exceed 3200 FPS

If you were wanting to shoot more you can always purchase more of our provided ammo.

Call us at 316-686-7264 for any additional questions