Basic Rifle


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Cost: $60.00

$25.00 deposit reserves your spot. Please bring the balance due and your receipt from PayPal to class.

3 hour class schedule
10 student limit per class

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Class Overview:
This course is designed to aid the shooter in understanding the function and uses of bolt action type rifles. We cover maintenance, shooting and clearing, ammunition, effective range and safe conditions for use.  An NRA basic rifle textbook is also provided and certificates are given at completion of this class.  This is a foundation course and highly reccomended that the student take it before advancing into more progressive hunting, target, or self defense rifle courses.


  1. Comfortable attire
  2. Eye and Ear protection (provided if you do not have your own)
  3. .22 caliber ammunition provided as part of the course fee
  4. ages 12 and up

Call 316-686-7264 to sign up.